Cashtic - Peer ATM Network


Empower users by establishing an independent, trusted, and secure cash network, providing seamless access, and creating opportunities for financial growth.

Here is how we're hoping Cashtic will work for you, but results may vary:

Need cash? Skip the ATM! Cashtic connects you with nearby users (if any) to request and receive cash, all through your smartphone. It's a peer-to-peer ATM network that puts cash in your hands, 24/7.

Here's how we hope it will work:

  1. Request cash: Simply specify the amount, location and time (in a well-lit, guarded, public area like a police station).
  2. Connect with users: Nearby users see your request and can offer to provide cash. If no users are near you dont uninstall the app, as we will keep a record of your request and as new users join we will notify you.
  3. Choose your offer: Compare offers and pick the one that suits you best. Always do your own background check, and verify the user's ID before or during meeting as we don't do background checks.
  4. Meet and exchange: Chat with the user to arrange a safe meetup and exchange cash.
  5. Send payment: Use your preferred money transfer app (e.g., bank, PayPal) to send the agreed amount (including any commission). Remember, Cashtic itself doesn't handle money transfers.

Key benefits:

  • Fast and convenient: Access cash even outside banking hours or ATM locations.
  • Flexible and secure: Choose your user, arrange secure meetups in public areas, and verify ID before exchanging cash. Use trusted money transfer apps for payments.
  • Earn money: Users can set commissions and earn on every transaction.
  • Growing community: As more users join, finding cash nearby becomes easier!

Still in its early stages, Cashtic relies on your support! If you find no users nearby right away, be patient and don't uninstall the app - the community is growing rapidly. Invite your friends to expand the network and make accessing cash even more convenient for everyone.

Additional points to remember:

  • Safety first: Always meet in well-lit, public areas and verify the user's background and ID before exchanging cash.
  • App limitations: Cashtic doesn't handle money transfers directly at the moment. Use your preferred money transfer app for secure payments.

Download Cashtic today and experience the future of cash access!

Top 10 Cities with most Cashtic Users

City Cashtic User Count ATM count
Los Angeles, United States 484 133
Las Vegas, United States 434 12
Phoenix, United States 353 50
Houston, United States 301 133
San Antonio, United States 285 22
Portland, United States 233 194
Denver, United States 223 158
Jacksonville, United States 206 31
Dallas, United States 205 7
Columbus, United States 190 68

Top 10 Cities with most ATMs

City Cashtic User Count ATM count
Moscow, Russia 0 2501
Saint Petersburg, Russia 0 2078
Tehran, Iran 5 1815
Bengaluru, India 38 1673
London, United Kingdom 0 1564
Hanoi, Vietnam 0 1504
Karachi, Pakistan 31 1386
Kyiv, Ukraine 2 1381
New York, United States 79 1274
Minsk, Belarus 0 1180


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ATM data by OpenStreetMap and its contributors. ATM counts and locations can be inaccurate!