György Chityil


In a moment of serendipity, György stumbled upon an article highlighting an app designed to summon aid from peers during medical emergencies like heart attacks. Intrigued by the notion of adapting such technology to address cash needs, György conceptualized Cashtic - Peer ATM Network in March 2020. Recognizing the potential societal impact, György embarked on this endeavor, viewing it as a moonshot project, steadily nurturing it alongside his other commitments.


Dhiman Seal


A serious driving force behind Cashtic's technological prowess, Dhiman dedicated over six months of intensive effort in 2021 in his final year of university, propelling the app's development to new heights. Although currently engaged with a fintech giant, Dhiman's contributions remain integral to our journey. With Cashtic's ascent, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to entice him back to our team. His indispensable role deserves acknowledgment on this platform.


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