Giving and receiving cash

Cashtic Peer ATM Network is an innovative startup that is reshaping the way people exchange cash, ensuring simplicity, safety, and security. As we celebrate our two-year anniversary, I am excited about the potential this service holds and the positive impact it can bring to our daily financial interactions. 

The Cashtic Concept: A Fresh Approach to Cash Convenience 

At Cashtic, we recognize that despite the rise of digital payment solutions, cash remains an essential part of our everyday lives. Whether it's splitting expenses with friends, providing financial assistance, or simply preferring the tangibility of physical money, cash continues to hold significant value for many individuals. To bridge the gap between cash and digital payments, we envisioned Cashtic - the world's first Peer ATM Network. Our platform connects individuals seeking to request and give cash directly to each other, eliminating the need for money transfers within the app. Users can effortlessly transfer money using their own banking apps, retaining full control over their funds while enjoying the ease of peer-to-peer cash transactions. 

How Cashtic Works: Ensuring Safety through User Responsibility 

Our commitment to user safety is of paramount importance at Cashtic. While we don't have a built-in functionality to verify meet-ups in front of the police, we have set clear guidelines in our terms and conditions to ensure a secure environment for transactions. We encourage all users to conduct their exchanges in front of police stations, guarded areas, or other secure public locations to foster a safe environment for everyone involved. 

Embracing Community and Potential 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the early adopters and users who have supported Cashtic from its inception. Your valuable feedback and enthusiasm have been instrumental in refining the platform and making it even more user-friendly. The success of Cashtic depends on the active participation of the broader community. We are committed to continually enhancing the platform based on user insights and suggestions. Your involvement and feedback will play a vital role in shaping the future of Cashtic and revolutionizing the way we transact with cash. Join the Cashtic Community Today! We invite you to join the growing Cashtic community and experience the convenience and security of cash transactions like never before. By downloading the Cashtic app, you can enjoy a simplified and transparent way of exchanging cash, with a shared commitment to safety during meet-ups. Let's embark on this journey together, reshaping the way we exchange cash in a digital world. Our mission is to create a safer, simpler, and more meaningful experience for all users. To learn more about Cashtic, please visit our website at and follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates and news. Thank you for being part of this exciting chapter with us. Together, we can build a secure and connected financial ecosystem. 

ATM data by OpenStreetMap and its contributors. ATM counts and locations can be inaccurate!